GOGA Whitepaper

Game Plot

In 2049, scientists created an intelligent human-like robot named Dr. Lazzy to free humans from manual work. Dr. Lazzy can invent various robots doing all kinds of tasks in agriculture, industry, medical, even security, and military.
One of the greatest inventions of Dr. Lazzy was a system of controlling robots through thoughts. Wherever exists a job demand, there will be a robot to serve you immediately.
With the robot control system through thoughts, humans don't have to work or communicate anymore. As a result, people gradually lose the strength, intelligence, ability to talk and connect without noticing the danger of perishing!
Billionaire Elon Stark - who had repeatedly warned the world but no one responded: sent his last summons to all over the world - before Dr. Lazzy imprisoned him in the dungeon.
Everybody! Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, if you receive this message, then humanity's future is in your hands.
We made the mistake of letting our lives and destiny depend on a bunch of machines.
There's still time if we change and changes must start with you.
Master English first - the global language that keeps us connected.
Then, regain your strength and wisdom through the treasure of knowledge accumulated over thousands of years.
And finally, let's regroup and fight together as a whole.
Many challenges are waiting for you ahead but don't worry.
You have NFT GOGA - it's not only my best friend but also a brilliant system. NFT GOGA is your companion in this journey.
Get started today! The future of humanity is in your hands!
That's how the adventure begins.