๐ŸšคGetting Started

To start, users follow these steps:

  1. Create a Wallet: Create a Metaone Wallet or Metamask

  2. Connect Wallet to GOGA Marketplace: Go to https://goga.ai/, then connect your wallet to GOGA Marketplace.

  3. Link account GOGA App: Link to an existing GOGA app account or create a new GOGA app account if you donโ€™t have one.

  4. Buy OAS: If you donโ€™t have any OAS in your wallet, you can buy at KuCoin, OKX, BingX, Gate.io, Huobi, and Mexc. And then, go to https://goga.ai/account/wallet to transfer OAS from your wallet to Saakuru.

  5. Mint GOGA NFTs: Go to https://goga.ai/ to Mint a GOGA NFT.

  6. Transfer NFTs to GOGA App: Transfer your NFT to Goga App. Then you can equip and start to Learn & Earn with your NFTs. If you donโ€™t have GOGA App, please download it from Appstore or Google Playstore.

Congrats! You are all set.

Let's play to learn and earn $GOGA together!

The demo video is here: https://youtu.be/NK74qcIlvKQ

The learning experience is divided into 3 sections according to the learning process of GOGA.

Section 1 - Play

Play small English games & compete with other users to get familiar with English.

  • Gamified lessons

  • Stay motivated

  • Person-to-person interaction

Section 2 - Learn

Various lessons on pronunciation and communication

  • Improve your pronunciation to get the desired accent with AI Integration

  • Elevate speaking attributes to speak English confidently.

  • Actionable & Interactive lessons

Section 3 - Social+

Learn & socialize with peers & retain users through interactive social games

  • The philosophy โ€œbetter learners can help othersโ€

  • PvP mode

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