GOGA Whitepaper
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Battery Cycle System

GOGA NFTs will need a positive Battery in order to receive a reward of $GOGA. When Battery = 0, you still can learn but will not receive reward tokens.
GOGA NFT is a robot therefore its battery will be reduced after every Learn and Earn (L&E) activity.
When you use your GOGA NFT to earn, its battery goes through charge cycles. A charge cycle happens when you use all of the battery’s power (100% battery) - but that doesn’t necessarily mean in a single charge.
Before the battery drop to 50%, you can recharge it to optimize your Earning. Each time you recharge, Battery will go back to 100%.
The higher the battery cycle, the larger the battery charge fee.

How it works

When a new GOGA NFT is minted, its battery is at 100%. This percentage will decrease after each successful L&E activity.
Battery drain will vary depending on the Power of GOGA NFT. This means the higher the GOGA NFT quality, the less battery drain, and vice versa.