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Official GOGA Whitepaper
Dear our valued learners/ players/ investors,
We are delighted to introduce GOGA to you, the very first Learn-to-Earn place where you can enjoy a game-based English learning experience and earn money at the same time!
Our development team has years of experience creating English communication courses with practical methodologies. Over the years, we have been thinking about how to provide more value to our learners.
And now, thanks to the advancement of blockchain and NFT technology, we have discovered a solution to our goal. By exploiting AI technology and NFT gamification in app-based learning and creating a learn-to-earn place for learners, we can offer actual values from which our learners can benefit.
Our ambition is to create a leading learn-to-earn NFT ecosystem in the blockchain that brings our learners long-term values.
Kindly check out our whitepaper to discover learn-to-earn opportunities from GOGA.
Thank you for being a part of the GOGA community!
GOGA team,
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