GOGA Whitepaper

Introduction to GOGA

Official GOGA Whitepaper
GOGA is An AI-based education platform where users can learn and practice English while playing games and earning crypto simultaneously.
By creating a leading Web3 language learning ecosystem, we aim to bring our learners long-term values and create a learn-and-earn place where you can grow your knowledge and your crypto portfolio.
Our vision is ambitious: To be the first AI-Based E-Learning dApp aiming to onboard 1.5B Web2 users to Web3 World.

GOGA Traction - 2022


  • One-stop learning platform: Retain users, motivate continuous English learning, and improvement
  • Social+: users can connect, challenge, and communicate with peers
  • Play to learn & earn: learning puzzles - simple, user-friendly, and appealing/fun lessons


  • GOGA Token: $GOGA
  • GOGA NFTs: GOGA Earnings
Note: Contents in the Whitepaper could be updated in the future.
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