GOGA Whitepaper
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Early Claim Program

We're excited to announce the launch of our "Early Claim Program" as a token of appreciation to our amazing community, and to prepare for our upcoming token launch.
The program offers a generous prize pool of 64 million GOGA tokens, equivalent to 2% of the total token allocation.

Why do we call it the "Early Claim Program"?

It's because you'll have the exclusive opportunity to claim the earliest $GOGA.
Each token earned from this event is equivalent to one token allocation in the upcoming IDO/IEO, or they can be exchanged for valuable gifts.
As time passes, the mining difficulty for $GOGA will increase, making it advantageous to join the program sooner rather than later in order to maximize your earnings.

How does it work?

Just purchase a GOGA Box from the GOGA Marketplace to get a GOGA NFT (GOGA Earnings).
You will be able to play to learn English & earn $GOGA in a fun and engaging way.

What if all 64 million $GOGA run out through play-to-learn & earn?

We're going to launch our TGE soon after that!
The $GOGA earned through play-to-learn-and-earn will be unlocked by schedule and available for trading or conversion to cash.