GOGA Whitepaper

Early Claim Program

To show our gratitude to our amazing community, and to prepare for our Token Launching, we’ve decided to open a special event " EARLY CLAIM" with a Prize Pool of more than 64 million GOGA tokens($GGT)
But why do we call it an " Early Claim Program"? Because it will bring you an exclusive opportunity to claim the earliest $GGT token. One token you earn from this event will be equivalent to one token allocation in the upcoming IDO or you can choose to exchange them for valuable gifts during the event time.
The program is expected to roll out in October 2022 and end in March 2023 (Until further notice). However, the $GGT mining difficulty will increase over time therefore join the program now to get more $GGT airdrop.

How does it work?

Everyone can join by simply downloading the latest GOGA app version here:
Android: https://bit.ly/3q61Q4N
IOS: https://apple.co/3wQNJnJ
With a free account, you are good to join the event, nevertheless, with a premium one, your benefits will be doubled. And do not forget to invite as many friends as possible.
Check the table below for more details:
Free user earn
Premium user earn
Learn 1 activity (max 10/day)
0,05 $GGT
0,1 $GGT
Invite friends (unlimited)*
0,5 $GGT
0,5 $GGT
Watch ads (max 3/day)
Random 0.01-10 $GGT
Random 0.01-10 $GGT
*valid invite counts after a new user registered an account in the GOGA app

Halving mechanism

The algorithm is inspired by Bitcoin economic incentive model. Goga will apply a similar algorithm for 64,000,000 $GGT prize pool used in the Early Claim Program.
Halving reward takes place every time the prize pool reaches 50% of its total prize following the formula: $GGT earn/act = Reward x F-Binary
In another word, the sooner you join in the more $GGT you will get.
!!! Importance: Conducting fraudulent acts will result in your account being suspended.