๐Ÿ’ตEarning Modes

Users are equipped with GOGA NFTs (GOGA Earnings) to earn tokens by Learning. The Activity Quota is needed to earn $GOGA.

Activity Quota is only replenished after users acquire a GOGA NFT.

Users select a GOGA NFT and press "Start Earning" to start the Earning Mode.

Always ensure you have โ€œActivityโ€ available before learning, as there is no token earning if you have zero โ€œActivity.โ€

NFT QualityActivity Quota











Factors affecting the amount of $GOGA earned

Base $GOGA return for each GOGA NFT differs.

  • GOGA NFT's Attribute - The higher the attribute, the more $GOGA earned

  • The score of learning activity - The higher the learning score, the higher the chance users can earn $GOGA. Your earnings will be reduced up to 90% depending on your learning score discrepancy from the system value. Once the Activity quota is depleted, users stop earning.

  • % remaining battery - High battery percentage helps you to drop more $GOGA per activity

  • Lessonโ€™s complexity - The longer or more difficult the lesson, the more $GOGA you get per activity

  • Re-learn or replay activity - If you re-learn or re-play an activity, but the outcome is not equal or higher to the previous one, your $GOGA will be reduced as well.

Loot Box (on developing)

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