GOGA Whitepaper

Earning Modes

Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, users are equipped with GOGA NFT to earn tokens by Learning. Activity Quota is needed to earn GOGA Token ($GGT). Activity Quota is only replenished after users acquire a GOGA NFT. First, users select a GOGA NFT and press Start.
Always make sure you have “Activity” available before learning, as there is no token earning if you have zero “Activity.”
NFT Quality
Activity Quota

Quality of GOGA NFT

Base $GGT return for each GOGA NFT differs
  • GOGA NFT’s Intelligence Attribute - The higher the Intelligence, the more $GGT earned per activity. Users can earn $GGT with GOGA NFTs from Level 0 to Level 30.
  • GOGA NFT's Luck Attribute - The higher the Luck, the higher the chance users can open Loot Box with $GGT inside.
  • The score of learning activity - The higher the learning score, the higher the chance users can earn GGT. To maximize earnings, users should keep practicing lessons before pressing “Start” to optimize the score of each lesson earned. Your earnings will be reduced up to 90% depending on your learning score discrepancy from the system value.
  • Once the Activity quota is depleted, users stop earning tokens. You can still keep learning English or choose to exit Earning Mode by holding down the Stop button.

Loot Box

  • A Loot Box is a randomly dropped box while you are learning in Earning Mode. It contains Chipset (Level 1 – 3), $GGT, and Gems.
  • The GOGA Loot Box Drop rate determines how frequently a Loot Box will be dropped during your journey.
Loot Box Drop rate (updated 05/10/2022)