GOGA Whitepaper

Earning Scheme

Solo Mode Earning Cap

Solo Mode has both a Daily Activity Cap and Daily Token Cap. These limits restrict the amount of Activity and tokens users can have daily.

Daily Activity Cap

Users start to Learn and earn with 6/6 Activity. Max Activity Caps at 60/60. Users can increase their Activity amount by getting more or higher quality GOGA NFT (Refer to Activity System )

Daily Token Cap

Solo Mode
I: User's GOGA Intelligence
Ci: User's GOGA Intelligence factor (Chipset Intelligence /Socket)
S: User's score after finishing an Activity
S': System maximum score for corresponding Activity
10%≤ S/S' ≤100%
B: Battery of GOGA
B=1 if Battery>50%
B=0.8 if Battery between 20% - 50%
B=0.2 If Battery <20%
randbetween (P1, P2): range of system values
α: variable value, subject to change
The impact on GGT Earnings is:
  1. 1.
    Quality of your study
  2. 2.
    Activity amount
  3. 3.
    Battery percentage
  4. 4.
    GOGA NFT ( Attributes, Quality & Level)
  5. 5.
    Chipset (Type, Level)