GOGA Whitepaper

GOGA Solution

GOGA fosters a happy learning cycle among Practical Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Gamification:

Practical Methodology

GOGA provides English learners with its proven practical methodology: Deep listening - Catching up - Rapid Response. GOGA offers all levels ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced.
Learning content is tailored to each level of skill by a professional team of linguists and speech experts.

AI Technology

Voice Recognition and Pronunciation Scoring are thoroughly applied to precisely evaluate the users’ pronunciation. This helps them fully understand their pronunciation strengths and weaknesses, which they can work on in future practices.


All users have the right to join the eLearning game without any charges. While playing, they have the opportunity to receive virtual items, NFTs, GOGA tokens, and gifts.
A unique feature that emphasizes GOGA is the “CHALLENGE” mode, which offers a competition mode featuring real learners instead of bots. Learners compete against real learners for the prize.