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Overcome The Biggest Trouble of Online English Learning
Motivation is the biggest trouble of online English learning.
Motivation is a key factor affecting English learnersโ€™ success as it is the engine that powers the process.
Learning is often considered a challenging, stressful, and tiresome journey. And learning English is no exception.
Often, people are more interested in playing games than in learning. With the primary purpose of serving entertainment, games are often an excuse to distract learners from studying.
Not to mention an English learning route usually lasts at least 3 to 6 months. If you are persistent enough to go through that long journey, the next step is to land a new job with a higher income.
However, the transition from learning to earning a better living is slow. The low speed of this transition results in a lower success rate and lower learning motivation.
The question is, how do you motivate learners to continue learning rather than giving it up after a few days?
GameFi ('game' + 'finance') โ€” also called Play-to-Earn games โ€” is one of the most potential trends in the technology space. Users can earn money while playing online games.
Applying a similar concept to English learning, you have the Learn-and-Earn solution. Learn-and-Earn accelerates the speed and success rate of acquiring new skills with financial incentives and personal fulfillment.
In the most recent study, we tested three groups:
  • Group 1: Free users - Learn for free with a GOGA Free account
  • Group 2: Paid users - Learn with an upfront payment account - a GOGA Premium account costs $49
  • Group 3: Learn & Earn users - Learn and receive a daily reward in the form of money based on their learning results.
The Learn-and-Earn results for English learning turn out to be really promising (see the figure below).
Figure 1. 30-day User Retention for GOGA for testing 3 groups with 3 business models
After 30 days of downloading the app, 62% of Learn-and-Earn users were still learning English with GOGA. In comparison, only 16% of GOGA Paid users continued to learn after 30 days.
In short, GOGA Learn-and-Earn users are 3.8 times more likely than Paid users to be learning English using GOGA 30 days after downloading it (see Figure 1).
GOGA has transformed a high-quality Web2 language learning product into an even more engaging Web3 experience.
It contributes to making English learning more enjoyable, rewarding, and engaging.
Here are some of the major steps we've taken to make GOGA become a high-quality Web3 language learning ecosystem:
  • NFT assets: Beginning with NFT GOGA, users own in-game assets. Users hold the assets directly in their wallets, which are freely transferable.
  • NFT marketplace: Users can freely trade their GOGA assets through a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace.
  • Incentives & Rewards: Users earn tokens & other transferable NFT assets, which they can exchange for money.
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