GOGA Whitepaper
Empower Community Ownership
It is a fact that many learning courses lose their original prices because learners drop out in the middle and resell the courses for a lower price. In this case, it seems that only course builders take advantage of the tuition fee while learners haven't acquired any skills.
Our ambition in 2026 reflects through GOGA Metaverse - The Web3 language learning ecosystem will enable teachers and learners to own their education. They can create their course with the property right in the form of NFT, to ensure only one individual has the right to own and sell the course at one time.
Purchasing an NFT asset entails purchasing with the expectation that the investment will make more money. Therefore, NFT assets always sell for at least the original price, if not many times more.
GOGA Metaverse is open for creators to make learning content about any skill in any field for other teachers, and learners. You are enabled to create content, connect and socialize with other people in the GOGA Metaverse universe.
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